Monday, November 23, 2009

Consonance / Futility

Simmer and boil, till and toil,
'til the stock is hot and the roots uncoil,
'til the rot plows under the autumn spoil;
all shall end in soup or soil.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Positive Thinking

Bierce defined "Positive" as "Incorrect at the top of one's voice". In this modern era of remote and non-present social interaction it may need to be updated to "Incorrect on the internet", because posting has eclipsed shouting as the medium of choice for morons with messages.

I'm not talking about assholes, people who like to argue, or the irrational. I'm not even talking about political, religious, or philosophical messages...or even "causes". I can deal with polemic pundits, evangelical essayists, deontological douchebags, and even Bulimic Buddhist Chicks with Dicks with Cancer for Green Technology or whatever the fuck happens to be the random weirdness I'm supposed to give a shit about this week. I expect those people on the internet. I'm talking about otherwise normal people who have somehow completely lost the ability to do things like basic goddamned arithmetic, and feel the need to "correct" people who aren't wrong.