Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ich habe eine Frau

Two years now, and it no longer startles me to realize it.  Sometimes I shake my head ruefully, sometimes in bewilderment at my good fortune, and sometimes out of sheer confusion, but I am no longer taken aback by the notion itself.  In this regard, novelty has not so much worn off as it has worn in; I understand with greater acuity as our relationship progresses what people mean when they say their spouse is their foundation in life, and it is an apt metaphor.  Upon this solid thing, we do build a home, a family, and a life together.  As in all things, it requires maintenance - this year, indeed, we purchased a not-so-metaphoric house as well, and the similarity is again, striking: things happen.  Paint must be touched up, work must be done, and not all surprises are pleasant...but it is always worth the investment.