Friday, January 1, 2010

Diabetic Drinking Diatribe

In light of my recent mutations (alas, still no tail) I have been forced to re-evaluate my alcohol consumption. This isn't nearly as problematic as it would have been, say, ten years ago when I was a fairly regular sot, but even in these dry times of maturity and mortality it's goddamned inconvenient. Bearing in mind that one serving of carbohydrates is approximately 15 grams, and that a one serving evening snack is a fairly normal allowance / guilty pleasure for diabetics, it's a fairly simple leap to say that - all things equal - a one carb choice nightcap is an equally allowed indulgence (at least from a blood sugar perspective). Bearing in mind that I am (a) monastic in my normal dilligence to my carb levels and (b) a big guy anyway, my endocrinologist has even suggested two carb servings aren't out of line, which is even better on paper.

But what's a carb serving of alcohol? Therein lies the rub...

12 oz of Alfred Gratien champagne or Guiness Extra Stout
6 oz of mixed daiquiri (fresh ingredients / bar recipe)
3.5 oz glass of Inniskillin Vidal icewine
2 oz of Bailey's or Carolan's
1.5 oz of Jagermeister or Drambuie
.75 oz of Kahlua or Amaretto


It is worth mentioning that pure hard liquors (e.g. bourbon, brandy, cognac, gin, rum, scotch, tequila, vodka, whiskey) have absolutely no carbs whatsoever, provided nothing has been added and the fermentation wasn't arrested prematurely. They contain plenty of calories and are destined to be converted into a large amount of triglycerides, but no carbs. In the end, doing shots at the serious end of the bar carries the same risk as it always has, no more and no less.

Although, it's weird to note that that the orange juice has more chance of fucking me up now than the vodka, LOL.